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  • ADP Donates to Red Cross Japan Earthquake

    Posted on by Johnnie Walter

    Strong earthquake – Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan on May 1, 2013

    A strong earthquake shook Japan on Saturday near the southwestern city of Kobe, leaving 22 people injured, seven of them seriously – mostly elderly tripping while trying to flee, police said. No one was killed.

    The magnitude 6.3 quake left some homes with rooftop tiles broken and cracked walls, while goods fell off store shelves, according to the Meteorological Agency and Japanese TV news footage.

    The agency had earlier said the magnitude was 6, but later upgraded it.

    The quake was centered on Awaji Island, just south of Kobe, at a depth of 15 kilometers (9 miles).

    The quake was in the area where a magnitude 7.2 quake killed more than 6,400 people in 1995.

    TV news footage showed that some areas on the island had liquefied, a common effect of strong earthquakes. Japan is among the most quake-prone nations in the world. In March 2011, northeastern Japan was struck with a giant quake and tsunami.

    The agency warned there may be aftershocks for about a week.

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  • ADP Donates to Red Cross Sichuan Earthquake

    Posted on by Ryan Micaller


    Anime Dakimakura Pillow business has been doing well the past years by spreading the word of this amazing trend. While we believe  dakimakura brings joy and happiness to friends and family. There are some people less fortunate in this world and we want to give back with a noble goal. We believe there are some less fortunate individuals in other parts of the world  that need our help. That's why we're making sure that every purchase from our amazing customers goes towards making the world a slightly better place.

    This month, a powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Sichuan Province in China, on Saturday, 20 April at 8:02 a.m., with many after-quakes have been recorded. 

    ADP will be donating part of its proceeds to the Red Cross Community in supporting emergency relief, post disaster recovery, reconstruction, long term disaster risk reduction and preparedness programmes in the affected areas.

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  • New Invention - Lap Pillows!

    Posted on by David Wilson

    Crazy invention Japanese people have when it comes to creativity in the dakimakura pillow world. They just come up with really amazing dakimakura pillows from all shapes and size. The anime pillows are great, but this one is another innovative creature of its own.

    The create must think that a lot of men out their wanted to have a good dakimakura sleep in a woman’s perfect lap, so why not give them something that they can carry along.

    These lap dakimakura pillows can be used not just in yourbed. You can use it while you are on a bus, a train or on a jet.

    Name it after your wife, your girlfriend or your mistress and it may add to the feeling that you are resting at her lap wherever you are.

    Interesting… would you use a lap pillow on the subway?

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  • 10 Compelling Reasons Dakimakura > Girlfriend

    Posted on by Johnnie Walter

    So today, in the newly installed live chat feature on our website.  We were talking to one of our visitors and funny how it got to the topic of girlfriend. For that reason, we'd like to share this post which we'd come across a while ago, with him as well as some compelling reasons on why Dakimakuras > Girlfriend :)

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