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How can you participate?

Simply identify the anime collection of which this design is from. This will help us identify who them belong to and categorize them back to our large database! No more worries! Just feel free to write whatever you like. It’s that simple and easy!

Click Here To Join: CONTEST 37



Prizes for the winner
  • Identify 5 more more designs, win a 15% OFF discount code
  • Identify 10 or more designs, win a 20% OFF discount code
  • Identify ALL designs, win a 100% OFF discount code 
    • (1 winner will be selection based on the first to submit all the answers. He/She will be announced at the end of the contest!)

Please note: Discount code applies to Dakimakura Pillow Covers only (Peach Skin, Japanese Textile, Natural Velvet & Two Way Tricot), Shipping cost is excluded. We will provide you the discount code for checkout. We really want you to win and be the best anime expert in town! However, we just like to inform you that if you are the lucky winner, you cannot choose the preferred size or custom made option for our prizes. At the end of the day, you are still one lucky guy/ gal to have these AMAZING PRICES! Come and claim them! 

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