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Here's a classic everyone should check out. Card Captor Sakura is one of the cutest shows we have seen in a long while, and we will confess it's one of our current must-haves. We finally managed to get our hands on improving our most-loved anime characters!


With crafted magic hand staff, Card Captor Sakura has gone viral before, hitting Asia with its best series. With a twirl of her staff and the help of her Windy card, Sakura returns in the form of Dakimakura Pillow. This is one of the featured pillow for this Anime Series. With its 150 x 50 cm dimensions, you'll surely love this sexy and cute pillow.


No need to order this as custom made pillow cover because this pillowcase is already available for orders! We are happy to directly accept orders from international customers.


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Card Captor Sakura Dakimakura Pillow Cover w/ Protected Plastic
Side A Upper Design
Side A Lower Design
Lower part of Side A showing the zipper which is hidden. It's not hard to unzipped and zipped your pillow covers because you can track the holder easily.NEW-Card-Captor-Sakura-DAKIMAKURA-Anime-pillow-9
Side B Upper Design
Zoom Image View Side B
NEW Card Captor Sakura DAKIMAKURA Anime pillow / life-sized pillow ContestTwelve22


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