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Ruri Gokou or also known as Kuroneko, is a 15 year old girl who is a member of Otaku Girls Unite. She loves to dress up, matching it with her favorite anime character. Mostly she would wear Gothic Lolita –with white top, black skirt, headband and red contact lenses. She is an avid reader and a writer to which she knows a great number of vocabularies to make her excessively confident of her own ability. 


Aside from that Ruri Gokou is a loving sister who takes care of her siblings by cooking and doing some home routines also. She has a tsundere type of personality but eventually overcomes by making friends with her schoolmates. 


Be as loving sister like Ruri Gokou despite her timid type, she was able to make her own amendment towards herself. Feel Ruri Gokou’s love and care with these super versatile and quality prints of Dakimakura pillow.


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