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Shintaro Midorama, is from the series Kuroko No Basket where he is a basketball player for Shinataku High. His major role is shooting guard and has a special ability as a long range shooter using his left hands. He is capable and skilled with good accuracy and shoots the ball even when it is far off from the ring. 


Midorama has a short green hair with black eye glasses. He is a reserved person who can be arrogant to someone else. He doesn’t like fooling around in which Takao would always convince him to during play offs. He is always confident with his abilities and he firmly believes with horoscopes which he carries his lucky charms everywhere. 


This Shinataro Midorama Dakimakura can give you Good vibe towards your confidences. Surely he will deliver to be your best lucky charm and would boost more of your special ability with his guidance!


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