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Sayori Neko is a Chinese mangaka who created Chocola and Vanilla or Neko Paradise. Frequently collaborates with  (NEKO WORKi). She signed all her works as sayorineko WORKS. Her works are mostly Ecchi for fanservice tagged catears-bigboobs-loli-furry etc.


Chocola is Vanilla's older twin sister from Kansai. She likes her master but can't quite honestly express her feelings, and doesn't notice her sister's feelings one bit. Chocola's a little worried that her master will get taken by Vanilla, but she hates fighting so she thinks it would be okay as long as the three of them are all together.


Vanilla is Chocola's younger twin sister. Her master is Chocola's master's younger sister. Vanilla's form Kansai region too, but since her master always scolding her, she dropped the accent. She loves Chocola, and sees Chocola's master as a love rival, but has always instinctively worried about yearning for a male, so she might have found an answer in the relationship between the three of them.


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