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Tenshi Hinanawi is well known as one of the final boss in Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, a fighting game and a follow up to Immaterial and Missing Power where Zun and Twilight Frontier collaborated. Takes place about a year after the Mountain of Faith and before Subterranean Animism.


Tenshi Hinanawi is the eldest daughter of the Hinanawi clan that resides in heaven, her name means "The Child of Heaven" or "Angel" but in Japanese this means Celestial.


Tenshi Hinanawi is portrayed as a bored celestial being, she is constantly drinking and relaxing unlike other member of the Hinanawi clan who always do their responsibility. One day, out of boredom she decided to cause a disaster by faking a supposed to be earthquake to the people of Gensokyo. Her action cause tremor and chaos that result to the destruction of Reimu Hakurei's shrine. In the end Tenshi rebuilds Reimu's shrine after she built Keystone into its foundation and seal it, the groundbreaking is the highlight of the game where it is attended by most of the game's playable characters.


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