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Tina Sprout seemed to have the traits of a child, such as calling Rentaro a superhero. Tina is a nocturnal Initiator, and relies on caffeine tablets to stay awake. However, it is later revealed that she seems to be a proficient sniper with an IP Ranking of 98. She seems to have no form of hesitation when following orders, portrayed when she attacks a police officer under orders from her master, and eventually attacking Seitenshi.

It is later revealed that Tina is reluctant when it comes to killing; as her entire body shakes violently when aiming to take someone's life. Tina is able to see very well in the dark and is able to aim her sniper accurately at Seitenshi from not more than 1 km. Her ability to shoot from not more than 1 km is confirmed by Miori, which is she correctly predicted that Tina shot from 992.01 metres.

With this Tina Sprout anime dakimakura, you will always feel safe around her! Her submissive anime character will make you love her more!


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