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Enju Aihara is a 10 year old girl with several notable features, the most noticeable being her long crimson hair. She keeps it in two knee-length ponytails, emphasizing her small body and leaving the back of her neck slightly bare. Enju has two large, black tags tying her hair with what appear to be bunny designs printed on them. Enju's eyes are rather soft, but do have a slight edge to them. They have large red irises and very small, black pupils. Enju has a rather small mouth and nose

Enju is a sweet girl that likes making friends, and believes that she will protect them with her special abilities. Her statement is proven true in actions when, despite being mistreated by the kids at her school when she is discovered to be a "cursed child," she ultimately destroys a Gastrea parasite and solely thinks of the kids at her school whilst weeping violently in Rentaro's arms.

She is also rather lively, as Mai, a school friend, claims she is always smiling regardless of the situation. However, she feels pain when young girls like her are also mistreated because of the blood running through their veins. This is further stated when Rentaro ignores a cursed child being mistreated in front of his eyes: Enju confronts him with her anger purring in the air violently.


All she needs now is a companion who would treat her right. If you think you meet her standards as dakimakura owner, then this is the most suitable anime design for your dakimakura!


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