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Jibril is the youngest and strongest of the Flügel race. Her love towards knowledge started even before the declaration of the Ten Oaths. According to Azriel, Jibril was given the gift of imperfection by Artosh. This gift is what Artosh believed would allow Jibril to find the answer to the Flügels' continued existence.

She has long purple-pink hair, wings near her hip. Her pupils are cross shaped and her ears are wing-shaped, she also has a halo over her head. She usually has her midriff exposed and wears a long skirt.

Despite her initial arrogance, she has a high sense of honour while playing games, as she doesn't like cheating, or being cheated. Does her personality and character matches your ideal friend? Is she the one you have been waiting to be with? Get Jibril now and explore new ideas and learnings with her!


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