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Non Non Byori is a comedic series where a branch school at Asahigaoka country village. The school is co-education of elementary and Middle school. 

There were five students who came from different levels in their school who made to be best friends. Four of this students are girls and one boy. Namely Hotaru Ichijo, Natsumi Koshigaya, Komari Koshigaya and Renge Miyauchi.

Renge Miyauchi is first grader student of Asahiogaoka Branch School. She has a long lavender hair, brown eyes and wears pink dress all the time. She loves to greet her friends "Nyanpasū". She is known to be expressionless but deep down inside her is a curious and perceptive girl. Renge Miyauchi is a very talented girl in drawing and performs well in school. 

Want a loving affectionate companion? Renge Miyauchi dakimakura is the perfect companion for you where she will greet you "Nyanpasū" everyday.


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