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Knight of Sidonia is a manga series where a story of future that human fled the earth due to gigantic monster alien monster who destroyed the earth. Humans developed their own ship which was the Sidonia.

Sidonia are defended with large weapons and its mobility are powered by Heigus particles. All guardians are equipped with heavy firearms and ammo. At young age humans are screened to be a guardian pilots and to know their capabilities. 

Hoshijiro Shizuka is one of the pilot guardian trainees who ranks number two on her batch. She had shown compassion to Nagate and excels to be the best trainee in her batch. She became the full pilot of unit 702. She sacrifice her life fighting  to save Nagate whom she most cared about. Hoshijiro was cloned by Gauna who user her DNA and memories.

Hoshijiro’s capable of sacrificing her life towards you is the most bravest thing to do. Get this heroic charm of Hoshijiro’s Dakimakura and feel within you.

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