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Holo is the female deity and the protagonist of the light novel manga and anime series Spice and Wolf. She is a mid-adolescent. In human form, she appears to have a lovely figure, long flowing brown hair, wolf ears dark brown tail with a splash of white. Due to her wolf ear and tail she always wears baggy and thick that hides her unusual features to people. In wolf and true form, is a giant brownish golden wolf her eyes stay red , but her sclera turn yellow, and her fur is the same color as her hair in human form, much larger than normal wolves. She can talk normally and capable of reaching unimaginable speed. 


She was neglected and she feels unneeded, skipped town with traveling merchant named Lawrence She was neglected and she feels unneeded., skipped town with traveling merchant named Lawrence. She longs to return to Yoitsu, her snowy homeland and makes a contract with a Lawrence to accompany her there. She seems to have a really deep fear of being alone, having grown fond with Lawrence as her company, she nurtures a strong affection for him. 


She is uneasy to show her wolf form, but she is willing to do it in order to protect you. Even if it cause her life just to save you just like what she is doing to Lawrence. How sweet? This Holo dakimakura will love you and cares for you.


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