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Akame ga Kill is a Japanese Manga Series where the story was about Akame's past on Assassin temple. Akame is a member of Assassin Night raid and known as Demon Sword Murasame. 

Akame is a girl with long black onto knees and had a red eyes. She wears a black dress with white collar and matching skirt, plus red necktie. She match her attire with black long socks and shoes. She is serious and cold-hearted person but the truth behind is that she hid her emotion when her comrades dies.

The best thing Akame loves is to eat foods where she's a huge eater.Aside that she is best in combat skills and real proficient with weapons.

Stay with Akame Dakimakura where you would know the deep inside of her.  


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  • February 18, 2015
  • Kaye Go
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