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Kyoko has long reddish hair which is normally always seen up in a high pony tail tied by a black ribbon. She has fair skin and red eyes. In her normal form, she wears a black t-shirt hidden by a light sea blue hoodie, navy blue denim shorts and black just below knee height boots. In her magic girl form, she wears a dark red dress the borders of the dress are covered with thick white ruffles that cover the opening of her dress and go down to the back of it which shows a short pink two toned skirt underneath with black/dark buccaneers and red boots. Her weapon in that form is a gold and red spear.

Kyoko's pretty stubborn and has a fiery personality. She can be self-centered when she wants to be though she's actually really sympathetic and tender. She really does love people and there are many precious to her, but after going through multiple bad experiences, she decided to cover up those feelings and become a totally different person, even though she couldn't transform completely and in the end, she couldn't even handle herself.

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