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Moka has split personalities especially when the rosary was removed. Her "Outer Form", Moka Akashiya, has long, knee-length pink hair and green eyes. As a vampire, Moka has pronounced fangs that allow her to drink blood. This form always has her trademark Rosary attached to a black choker since it is what causes this personality to surface. With her Rosary removed, Moka transforms into her "Inner" form, Ura Moka, Her Inner form retains the same hair length, but is silver instead. Her eyes are much more demonic, having red catlike pupils. Her expressions are much more stern, serious, and sometimes cocky. Her vampire fangs also become much more pronounced. 

Moka's natural good looks get the attention of all the males in Yōkai Academy. She's very kind, sweet, soft-spoken, polite, and friendly towards others. Though good-natured, she possesses a bit of naivety that draws her into problematic situations. 

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