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Dakimakura or hug pillows are otaku bedroom essentials. Can we reverse the norms where you usually hug the pillow but now instead, it is the pillow that will be hugging you? 

Now, this new concept of “dakaremakura”  is featured by Super Sonico.

Out last year, the pillow cover features two outstretched arm to make a more huggable pillow.


  • Posted on by Dissection

    I get the front, but why is there a butt on the back?

  • Posted on by VGP


    but still may aswell put a target on there.


  • Posted on by Steve0410

    The arms would just fall back beside the body part unless they had something holding them in place.

    What you need is something with like a padded wire core that would make it pose able.But how would it hug you?

  • Posted on by SunSkorpion

    She is totally asking to be sodomized.
    …and they wonder why their fans go all psycho when they find out their voices are real people.

  • Posted on by Tarik

    Forever arone.

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