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Remember the Super Sonico dakimakura hug pillow that came with soft ‘breast’ inserts? 
In autumn last 2012, Sonico appeared in hug pillow form for the first time with a pair of soft fake breast to be fondled all night long. Imagine a hug pillow that includes a big, grope-able posterior. I would love to squeeze myself between it and totally feel like I'm really hugging my waifu. Anime Lovers and Otakus will be very delightful to have their waifus in their enormous fake breasts and young men start sandwiching themselves between them.

You can also squeeze her fake breast. It's totally cool because I totally feel like it's a real breast! Want to have some of these Amazing 3D Oppai Breast? No worries!
Well, Anime Dakimakura Pillow have these new set of 3D Sexy Oppai Silicone Breast for your dakimakura

It looks like this when it's off the dakimakura.

See uncensored product here.

Here are videos on how to put on a 3D Oppai Boob on Dakimakuras:

Do you own an 3D Oppai  Boob or dakimakura?



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