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Not too many people have watched Divine Comedy playing (神曲奏界) but we do have a lot fans of Corticarte Apa Lagranges' pillowcases; when they started collecting pillowcases,


And artwork as well, most of the time – this particular pillowcase is drawn by an artist named pen, who also did the art, one of our favorite dakimakura covers in the collection. The artist has a very distinctive and easily-identifiable style. With expressive eyes, mouths, and curvy body proportions. His art tends to make its subjects look both young and sexy. 


This pillowcase is 150 cm by 50 cm in dimension, like many doujin dakimakura covers. Unlike many doujin dakimakura covers, this pillowcase is available to order without requiring a custom made service; We are happy to directly accept orders from international customers.


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Happy to everyone who celebrates during this time of the year. It’s a busy time, with travel, shopping, and relaxation on everybody’s schedule. We've got a surprise for you this week with a summer collection that makes you want to head off to the beach!





The front side of this pillowcase shows Corticarte wearing her sexy lingerie uniform, or at least an abbreviated version of it. She has a very shy look on this side, which is really cute. 




The zipper that is hidden but for the purpose of this image, we have opened up the cover so to see that this is the area where you put the inner pillow stuffing inside.




The reverse side shows Corticarte in her swim suit. It’s one of her most iconic looks, if one were to guess at the premise of the Dive Comedy series purely by looking at the available designs, we would probably think that it’s about hanging out at the beach.


DSC03914 DSC03913




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