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  • Unboxing Dakimakura Review -Featuring Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman

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    Mikasa Ackerman is from anime series Attack on Titan. She has a black short hair and loves to wear her uniform which is cropped brown jacket with badge of the Survey Corps and matching long brown leather boots. Mikasa is a lean and physically fit also.

    Mikasa is a cheerful and outgoing child but became aware of world cruelty during her early age where she witness a killing.  She maintain to live happily with her parents not until her world was shattered when her parents was brutally murdered by criminals. She was rescued by Eren and killed the criminals who killed her parents.


    Though her past  reminds her with cruelty, Mikasa holds her principle on right or wrong. She is loving and cares for her friends where she doesn't want to lose any. She is very protective and has a strong phenomenal skills as a Soldier. Mikasa Ackerman dakimakura is the one who will loves and cares for you deeply.



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