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  • Unboxing Dakimakura Review - Featuring Haruka Amami - From The Idolmaster

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    Haruka Amami is from Idolmaster video arcade sing and dance game. She has a straight brown hair and emerald eyes. She is popular to wear pink shirt underneath the white jacket and blue skirt matching in her brown sandals. 

    Haruka Amami is a sweet teenage girl who is a hardworking and very cheerful. She is also known to be an all-around girl and main hero in the said video game Idolmaster. She easily gets excited and a tends to be inelegant everyday.

    Spite from that aspect, she always loves to sing Karaoke and loves to join dances on Sports event. One of her favorite is to bake some cakes and cookies to gives all her idol friends. Haruka Amami is an optimistic persons and a believes to have a strong solid determination

    Haruka’s nature is surely to be amiable to all, cling on her soft side and she'll cheer you with this Dakimakura pillow all the way.  

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