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    Isuzu is a very beautiful girl with enormous breasts, long light brown hair tied up by a white bow with dark brown trim that reaches down to her waist and beautiful light brown eyes. She prefers to wear a red blazer with a white bow and golden accents. She is usually seen with a black skirt with white frills that go down to her upper thighs, white thigh-high socks with black ribbons along the top, and black boots with gray laces. She also wears a formal pinstripe suit when in meetings.

    Isuzu has a stoic personality. Her face is usually expressionless. She finds it hard to smile and is not good at understanding jokes. If she thinks too much, she gets confused with what to say. She comes across as cold and blunt but behind that she is also very sensitive. She appears to be violent but that is because she is unaware of the "proper" ways to approach and ask help from humans. However, she has a monstrous temper. When she gets angry, her eyes become empty, and a red aura appears around her body.

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