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  • Unboxing Dakimakura Review - Featuring Date A Live Miku Izayoi

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    Miku Izayoi is a spirit,  idol and one of the main heroines in Date A Live. As an idol she also have a voluptuous figure and smooth skin. She has a lusih purple hair and indigo eyes.Her astral dress is yellow in color with blue and white ruffles. covering some part of the dress. She wears a yellow moon hair clip with a flower petal on her neck is a choker with white lily. If wearing a deep blue uniform she uses a simple yellow hair clip.

    She is a normal human before she became a spirit. She hates men because of her past, her fans (mostly male) accused her scandals that were not true. It leads her losing her voice from the pressure and caused her to commit suicide. Her codename is "Diva"

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