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  • Unboxing Dakimakura Review - Featuring Shiro - From No Game No Life Dakimakura Pillow

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    Shiro is an 11 year old genius. She is a pale-skinned girl with long messy white/pale blue hair and large, passive golden-red eyes. She is rather slim and about average height. She often wears a purple sailor uniform which seems to be very loose on her. Sora proclaims that Shiro is really cute.

    She is often described as a genius in logic and problems, but has difficulty understanding emotions or behaviour, relying on Sora to help her defeat beings with emotions. She also rarely shows much emotion at all on her face and, despite her genius intellect, speaks in short terse sentences and in a third-person perspective. a master of Chess, and has won every chess game that she has played. She can speak 18 languages and learns Imanity's language in 15 minutes (while Sora needed one hour). Shiro is also excellent with games and, along with her brother, is the best in more than 280 games.

    Does you behaviour and intelligence fits with Shiro? Have this dakimakura now available in 4 different fabrics and 2 different sizes. 


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