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  • Thinking of Dead or Alive 5 dakimakura covers?

    0 comments / Posted on by David Wilson

    This is from:

    It was a matter of time before DOA5′s lovely ladies would make their way onto dakimakura pillow covers. I bet it’s even mentioned somewhere in the contract these characters signed prior to entering the fifth Dead or Alive tournament.

    Although every girl in Dead or Alive 5 is a bona fide star of her own, this time around only five characters would be featured: Kasumi, Ayane, Lei Fang, Hitomi and Kokoro.


    What really surprises me, though, is that these dakimakura cover images actually appear pretty safe to work. There are so many other swimming suits (like the Sexy Venus) from Dead or Alive Xtreme that are so much more revealing and likely suitable for the dakimakura cover.

    In an odd twist of fate, these BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Noel Vermillion & Mu-12 are way more dangerous (read: NFSW) than the Dead or Alive 5 covers.

    I wonder if it’s because Team Ninja decided to “focus on the real women that surround us” and “being realistic” when it came to re-designing the characters’ looks for Dead or Alive 5.

    Pre-orders for these 50x150cm dakimakura covers begin today, and ends on December 21 (Friday). Available from HobbyStock, who ships internationally (links below).

    Each set will be sold for 9,800 yen (including tax), and is expected to be shipped out sometime in January 2013.

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  • Wow! Your New XXX Pillow Partner!

    1 comment / Posted on by Allen Accounting

    Body pillows can be the key to a good night’s rest for those who find it difficult to maintain good posture while they sleep. They also provide physical comfort that can help ease the mind after a stressful day.

    Some Japanese otaku, seeking a slightly different kind of comfort from their body pillows, stuff them in pillowcases covered in the image of popular anime or erotic video game characters. A number of them go so far as to “form relationships” with these body pillows, boldly claiming them as their girlfriends and romanticizing themselves as “2-D lovers”.

    Yet one major drawback of these body pillow girlfriends (you know, aside the fact that they’re pillows) is that you can’t get to third base with them. Until now, that is: Pillow-lovers everywhere, rejoice! Japanese adult product maker G PROJECT has created a body pillow you can have sex with!



    It’s called “Kuu Pillow” and it’s specially designed for the otaku who wants to take his 2-D relationship to the next level. 

    Insert your favorite artificial vagina in the the lower slot, and you’re ready for action!


    This is something that maybe we should offer at our shop?

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dakimakura

    0 comments / Posted on by Johnnie Walter

    We Picked up this article a few days ago from

    Here is what they say: Source -> simplyotaku

    Dakimakura is probably known as one of the creepiest things any otaku can own, but why is that so? Well, it might be due the fact that they are often associated with some sort of blow up dolls and thought of as mere sex toys by the society. Those of us who actually own a dakimakura would mostly disagree with that, in fact, let me tell you 5 reasons why everyone should own a dakimakura, even Sayaka has one.

    1. So soft, it makes your girlfriend jealous, this is something we've advocated for some time
    You heard me, after all, a dakimakura is only a normal body pillow with a custom printed cover over it. Now imagine a hard day at work or school. Who wouldn't want to lay down on their bed and hug and squeeze something soft to relax a little? I know I would. The fabric is usually very smooth, almost silky and the stuffing can be just as soft as you want it, even softer than your girlfriend.

    2. Incredibly cute
    Dakimakura covers are incredibly well drawn and very cute. Ever since we are young, we like to hug and squeeze things when we go to bed, so why not squeeze something cute and enjoy your sleep together with your favorite anime character? With so many designs out there, noone is forcing you to get a nude girl printed on it, you can choose anything you want, from fully dressed to a pure ero dakimakura, whatever spins your wheels.

    3. A girl? Not a problem!
    Who said dakimakuras are only for guys? I am sure all you girls have a favorite female character of your own that you would very much enjoy cuddling with. No? Don't give up yet, there are also quite a few girl dakimakuras out there with your favorite male characters printed on them. Actually, you could as well order a completely custom cover with Hello Kitty printed on it if you wanted to! Go for it!

    4. It's good for you!
    Believe it or not, body pillows are actually great for people suffering from back problems. They offer support to your body and help you relieve the pain. They are often used by women during pregnancy. You don't believe me? Google it!

    5. Lonely or sad? The solution is right here!
    We all get a bit lonely and depressed sometimes, and what better is there to do than squeeze up to something, relax and get over it. So why not that something be your favorite anime character? I can assure you, it helps!

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  • Are you excited in opening the Dakimakura box?

    2 comments / Posted on by Johnnie Walter

    Came across this video this week. You can tell from the excitement when Kirino receives her beloved dakimakura from mail.  I can only imagine our fellow comrades whom have received their shipment, their reactions can be!

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  • Dakimakura Skydiving

    2 comments / Posted on by Johnnie Walter

    Got this off from dannychoo, came across this morning.  It is pretty cool, the fact that skydiving itself is already considered an extreme sport to most people. This time around, this guy carries a dakimakura will him and jumps off the plane.  Props to him!


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