Think you have what it takes?

For affiliate who promote us a lot we will increase your commission from 5 - 10%, so work hard and enjoy cash. Everyone can join our affiliate program for free! 

1. First, Register from here:


2. Get the affiliate link. Example:

3. Simply get the URL to start promoting and earn commission. Want to promote certain items or collections? Here's how. 

Login in refersion page, click "Generate a Custom Link".

At the same time, open up the URL you want to promote and copy the link like below. (Make sure copy after the .com)

  • For example, you will choose the product link:
  • You will only copy: /products/attack-on-titan-dakimakura-anime-pillow-life-sized-pillow-at1

Paste the link to the box and click "Create Link".

Get the unique URL  promote.


If you need any help, you may contact:

  • 1. Where can I log in?

You can log in here:

  •  How can I get the money? 

We will pay via paypal, get a PayPal account for free.

  • Can I exchange store credit I don't want cash?

Sure you can! just email to us we will exchange for you, there is extra 30% credit on top of your commission. Let's say you made $100 sales, commission is $5 (5%), if you wanna exchange as store credit, that will be 5 X 130% = $6.5 Store credit

  • What are the best websites to promote your items?

From our experience, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Wanelo, LookBook and write your own blog would be a great way to promote.