Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that you receive only the best products available. Produced under strict laboratory conditions and monitored for top quality control, all Anime Dakimakura Pillow products are Guaranteed to be 100% STERILE, PURE AND VIABLE. Our systems use only the purest, most prolific, professionally isolated strains to produce premium quality spores and tissue culture specimens. Our guarantee ensures that you receive the highest concentration of pure, isolated printing specimens available.

All of our dakimakura are from reputable anime creators and designers in Japan where it is originated.  We do not sell poor quality dakimakura.  First reason: your health and safety is our first priority, and customer satisfaction is important to us.  Second reason: it would hurt our business reputation if we sold poorly made products; and, as a business, that is obviously something we care about.  

The Anime Dakimakura brand that we sell are all compliant with health and safety regulations.  All of the manufacturers have received various international health certifications as well.  

Every time we receive a shipment of products, our staff conducts a random sampling of the goods to ensure that the quality is up to par.  Also, we check for any defects at least three times before shipping them out to you: firstly, when we produce the shipment of goods, secondly, when we gather the items to package your orders, a final time before sealing the individual parcels.